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Makeup Services Near Me

Makeup Services Near Me for a Stunning Photo Shoot

Did you say yes? Mon Aime Makeup is available to help you and your entire wedding party look your very best for the big day. Yes, I can give you dazzling long lashes, full lips, and  a contour that is subtle and sexy. If you prefer bold colors, just ask. As a professional makeup artist that also works with theatre companies, I am open to trying out new things so your wedding photos will be worthy of sharing and saving.

Wedding Makeup that Sets the Stage for Day Long Fun

Did you know that wedding makeup requires a different approach from your daily look? You will want to appear just as dazzling when you enter the church as when you leave for the honeymoon. I know how to layer the foundation, apply a sealer, and refresh your face without a complete redo halfway through the day. Keep on partying and your makeup will, too.

Focused on the Bride or Your Entire Party

I am entirely flexible with my services. Hire me just to focus on you, or share the fun with your bridesmaids. I can also coordinate a team if you would prefer to have more than one Makeup artist. When a single makeup artist works with the entire party, your photos will appear seamless and professional. No one person will stand out due to an amateur makeup job. Yes, I can even help your groom hide a blemish so you will always remember the party, not the pimple.

If your wedding is planned to be held in Queenstown or the surrounding area, Mon Aime Makeup offers makeup services near me. Pick up the phone and check off one more detail on your planning list. You will look and feel awesome on your best day ever.

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